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Title: Don't want to transfer pond snails
Post by: Blue-ram on March 07, 2008, 11:19:03 PM
I am switching all my fish and stuff to a bigger tank.  I really don't want to take the pond snails with me.  I like that alum kills the eggs and the snails.  I wonder if I just transfer the fish and brigs to the new tank If then I could kill off the pond snails without having to remove any thing from my 29g.  I have several wood pieces, a lg lava rock, 3 small curly onions, red tiger lily and my fissiden on wood. 
Or should I boil the bare wood and rock and soak the rest of the plant/wood combo's in an alum bath away from the gravel?  What do you think?
Oh would there be a chance that the brigs might have pond snail eggs on them?  If so maybe I should put them in qt for awhile.

Title: Re: Don't want to transfer pond snails
Post by: Debra on March 08, 2008, 02:17:02 AM
You can wash the brigs (rub your fingers over them gently) off with some tank water or QT them. Either will work.

Boil the rock and wood if you're transferring it.

Soak the plant wood combos if your transferring it.

I am a little confused as usual. Is it the 29 that has pest snails in it? If so and you plan to put the rock, wood and combos back in the tank after you soak and boil them it won't make a difference because the pond snails will still be in the tank.

You could take the fishless tank and do a complete tear down and start over. < That would work but you have to be very thorough when scrubbing it and then let it dry for a few days.

Be VERY careful when transferring your fish and brigs. A fish net will snag eggs/snails and then transfer them to your new tank.

Title: Re: Don't want to transfer pond snails
Post by: Blue-ram on March 08, 2008, 02:31:53 AM
Wow I did not think about the transfer of the eggs on equipment (netting and such).  The 29g will be sold.  That is why I thought to put the alum in there.  I wasn't sure if the alum would penetrate the wood enough to kill the eggs.
I get washing off the brigs and nerites but what do I do when I have to dig for the kuhli's? bet I run into both eggs and snails then.  Oto's are not easy to catch either.  I only have a 25g I might be able to use as a mid point transfer but wouldn't that be harder on the fish?  I think the eggs of the snails hatch in a couple of days if I am right.  So should the fish stay in the 25g for a few days before moving them to the 45g?  The pet snails could go in my 3g.
This kind of sounds like mission impossible.

Title: Re: Don't want to transfer pond snails
Post by: Debra on March 08, 2008, 03:02:39 AM
You're just going to have to be very careful.

If you're going to keep the wood and rock then boil them. No more snails, no worries.

I'm assuming the filter is going with the tank to be sold, so no worries there.

You could try putting the fish in a bucket after you catch them. Use the drip method until you totally exchange the old water with the new tanks water. Make sure your net is egg/baby snail free then put them in the new tank. <<< That should work and not transfer any snails or eggs.

If you have more than one net you could use a clean one to transfer them to the new tank. Or wash the used net in really hot running water.

If your going to use your old heater or thermometer you're going to need to wash them too and rub your fingers over them to remove any eggs.

You can do this. Just take your time. :)