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Title: White Cloud Fry, Now what?
Post by: giypsy on December 02, 2009, 10:46:01 AM
This is just plain embarrassing.  For all my due diligence
re: the planted & shrimparium grow-out, I seem to have
acquired a fry population in a pond scum covered bowl.
I do not think I can even reconstruct the chain of events
based on tank logs, sheesh.

Here is my best guess:
A few weeks ago(?) I moved three 1 m.wcm and two
f fatties into my holding bowl which had nothing but mature
marimo balls and some baby crypt lutea floating, during a
series of cleaning & re-scaping events.  They got no food,
were in there for a few whiles, then put back into the 10g:view.

I kept meaning to empty the bowl & rehouse the marimos to
a 5g I finally got re-started and put the last of the C.Lutea
in the grow out.  The water under the pond scum is
crystal clear and the marimos are pearling in the sunshine.

I glance at the bowl and what-the-hmmmm?  There is something moving,
flashing in the sun.  I get all excited thinking
there are accidental shrimp fry in there, nope fish!
Fry are about 1/4" long and free swimming.

Q: should I feed them some pulverized spriullina?
And should I move them to the 5g/AquaClear 20,
should I put them in the planted tank with the
parents & 3 neons,
and how big should they be before moving them anywhere?