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Title: goldfish rescue
Post by: boredbody on December 31, 2012, 02:38:31 PM
Hi, I have 5 goldfish, the largest one is about 8 inches long. My goldfish were rescues, origionally they were in a 10 gallon tank at that size, then someone I knew 'rescued' them along with a 10 inch pleco and put them in a 20 gallon tank, then I took them and put them in a  55 gallon tank. they are outgrowing my tank I tried to rehome them through craigslist and facebook but the only serious offer I got wanted to put them in a 30 gallon tank with about 2 dozen smaller goldfish. I didn't know the situation for goldfish was so dire because now I'm having friends come out of the wooodwork with goldfish that have outgrown their tanks thinking they can put their fish in with mine in my 55 and they'll be fine. I on the other hand never wanted goldfish and I want my 55 gallon tank for another project plus that pleco seriously needs separating from the goldfish and put in a heated tank I know!

I am seriously considering putting a large stock tank in the basement and opening a goldfish rescue but I have questions.

1. should the stock tank have a heater? Should the stock tank have a heater even, the basement stays a constant 60ish degrees is that too cold?
2. is the galvanised type of stock tank fine or do I have to coat the inside of it with something, what if so?(I live in a rural area I can get stock tanks cheap)
3. what sort of filter would I be looking at, is there something I could make for cheap myself? I've seen filters made out of rubbermaid storage containers ect.
4. would a 4' florescent light work for lighting? I could just hang it from the ceiling, do fish get nutritional deficencies from lack of natural light?

Title: Re: goldfish rescue
Post by: RAHT on January 01, 2013, 12:16:30 AM
  I had the same sort of problem.  I had 4 feeder fish goldfish that I took responsibility for.  They were in my 46 gallon and then my 75 gallon tank.  I ended up getting 180 gallon stock tank for them that is in my basement.
  I have 2 400 watt heaters for mine because the water temp without it would be 14C and a better temp for them is around 19 or 20C.  I've read that the optimum temperature for goldfish is between 20 C (68 F) and 22 C (72 F) so I like to keep it that way.
  I use a pond filter by Laguna that I really like and I do 50% water changes a week.  I have 7 comet goldfish in there now and my nitrates are always very low.
  I use the lights from my 75 gallon over the stock tank for a few submerged plants that I have and a garden grow light hanging over one side for the floating plants.   

Good luck!

Title: Re: goldfish rescue
Post by: Belinda on January 01, 2013, 03:49:36 PM
One thing about your choice of stock tanks .
 using one is a good economical choice .
 however do not use any galvanized metal ones .. you will get leaching if unwanted and toxic metals .
I know there are stock that are acrylic or fiberglass . they would be perfect .

Title: Re: goldfish rescue
Post by: Karen on January 03, 2013, 06:33:24 PM
You want plastic not galvanized...

No need for a heater, they are fine in cold water.  They won't eat much when the temps are below 45 or 50, so don't feed them much.  When the temps come up for summer, they start eating again.

Title: Re: goldfish rescue
Post by: Shari on January 21, 2013, 08:30:04 PM
Like Karen said, no heater needed. My tank is in the backyard and running at around 50 and they still swim out to greet me :) I think they are just spoiled and EXPECT food, but I cut them back quite a bit during winter. From daily to twice week normally.