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Title: Bolivian Ram Parents Behavior
Post by: Catzeyz on June 21, 2016, 04:39:44 PM
These are my first rams and this is my Bolivian Rams second spawn. The first one all the fry died after 2 days of being free swimming. This batch is now on day 6 of being free swimming. Last night I noticed my female out and about with some fry in tow while the male remained with the other fry in the spot they had chosen to keep them. Next thing I know the female went towards the nest area and the male attacked her..... and boy did they fight. He went back to the nest of fry and she took the other fry that were with her to another corner of the tank. As i watched i'm not sure if she was eating them or picking them up and spitting them back out in her new spot, she had 5-7 fry with her. Today mom and dad are still in separate corners. Dad has about 7 or so fry with him, and now i'm only seeing mom with one. Is this normal behavior? What's going on? P.S they share a tank with 30 espi rasbora who I suspect have been snacking on fry.


Title: Re: Bolivian Ram Parents Behavior
Post by: russ on June 21, 2016, 08:19:50 PM
That behavior is pretty close to what I have experienced in the past. First pairs had only a few Corys as tank mates and the pair displayed very similar behavior. I removed the Corys from my breeding pairs after their seconds spawns. On their third spawns they were very cooperative with each other and both shared taking care of several dozen fry each. After 1 week of free swimming, I removed the fry, much to the angst of the parents, but they would be read to spawn again in another two weeks and would not tolerate a bunch of 1 month old fry getting in their way anyway.