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Title: new planted 180l tank
Post by: kromagg on September 27, 2016, 04:38:26 AM
Hi I found place sending tropical plants with very good reviews (5* all)
they have pre segregated plants for 4ft tank. (my tank is 122cm long)

can.'t post links so thesis the list:
117 selected plants for a 48" (4ft) tank

5 x Elodea Densa 
1 x Aponogeton Crispus 
10 x Eleocharis Parvulus (dwarf hairgrass) 
5 x Bacopa Monnerii 
5 x Twisted Vallisneria 
10 x Sagittaria Natans 
5 x Rotalla Indica
5 x Cabomba Australis
5 x Cryptocoryne Wendtii
5 x Hygrophilia Polysperma
5 x Ludwigia Mullertii
5 x Vallisneria Spiralis
5 x Ludwigia Natans
10 x Mayaca Fluviatilas
5 x Rotala Macranda
5 x Hydrilla Verticillata
5 x Cryptocoryne Parva
5 x Hygrophilia Difformis or Echinodorus Paniculatus
5 x Eleocharis Vivipara
5 x Cryptocoryne Pondederiflia
5 x Salvinia Auriculata (floating)
1 x Nymphea Stellata or Nymphea Maculata

is this sounds good choice or maybe you could ref. me some better one?