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Title: one food for all fish?
Post by: kromagg on September 27, 2016, 04:54:30 AM
Hi I'm in process of setting my tropical tank..
I hopefully will get pleco/cory, tetra, gourami/angelfish
Do I need to get different food for different type of fish or they all can eat same food?

I have 25 l with platy only so never had to think about it before..


Title: Re: one food for all fish?
Post by: gunnered72 on September 27, 2016, 06:11:16 PM
All fish require a varied diet...Dont just feed flakes everyday...

Feed different foods regularly...... Live food, Frozen food, Blanched vegetables, Flakes, Pellets, Spirulina, Wafers, Bloodworm...The list goes on....

Think of it like this....Would you like to eat macdonalds fries every day for the rest of your life???? Probably not...And also you would probably end up dead after a few weeks anyway even if you did love eating macdonalds fries day in day out...

Fish like humans require nitrition in various forms to stay healthy....

On a side note New Life Spectrum foods are amazing as a staple! But not exclusively!

Vary the diet! Thats the secret....

Title: Re: one food for all fish?
Post by: Namyen on February 13, 2017, 09:05:25 AM
There are some high quality foods with a nutritional balance meant to meet all of the needs of your fish. These are often species specific and should still be supplemented with other foods if at all possible.

There are some commercial breeders using nothing but the same feed for years on end. Many of them supply aquarium shops around the world. When money is the main object this sort of thing becomes common.

Title: Re: one food for all fish?
Post by: fishsupplyguide on April 12, 2017, 07:15:49 PM
Another thing to keep in mind is the level (top, mid, bottom) that the fish live and eat. While all foods will sink, some will sink faster than others. For top feeders you need food that sits on the surface for a little while, for mid you should get food that sinks slowly, and for bottom, either you can let them eat the excess that falls or give them fast dropping food just for them.

Title: Re: one food for all fish?
Post by: rasaqua on April 12, 2017, 09:19:31 PM
Fish physiology generally determines 'how' fish will mostly feed. Up-turned mouths will go for surface feeding, even mouths will go for mid-tank, and down-turned mouths will go for the bottom. But, keep in mind that this is only their preferred method of feeding. When hungry bottom feeders will expend the energy to feed upside down on the surface, level-mouth and up-turned mouth fish will feed on the bottom. Don't make your fish expend unnecessary energy if they don't need and you can provide varied foods for all your type fish  :happy:

Title: Re: one food for all fish?
Post by: Myra on May 29, 2017, 05:01:00 PM
Im using tetra flakes. Everybody is looking healthy  :happy: