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Title: low tech background plants?
Post by: AnnaK on November 06, 2016, 02:04:32 PM
I have a 5gal hex tank that I have been using as kind of as a guinea pig to learn about planted tanks (low tech). I have gotten off to a good start I think. I currently have 1 anubias nana, 1 anubias nana petite, 1 java fern, several sprigs of s. repens and the remnants of a bunch of anacharis I have managed to kill. The temps in the tank were about 80-81 and I recently read that anacharis doesn't like that much heat. I turned it down to 78ish and floated what ever bits of anacharis weren't completely melted. Fingers crossed. All other plants doing very well and showing new growth.

The tank is a marineland 5 gallon hex with updated marineland 10w compact fluorescent bulb on 10 hours per day with a break in the middle since I work a lot and I actually want to see my tank. Substrate is black flourite sand. I am hoping to add some taller root feeders to the back of the tank. I have been looking into wisteria and cryp sp., particularly spiralis? I will also be adding more petite anubias to my drift wood, it's so cute! Any other plants I should be considering? I have not been using any ferts and don't really plan to. Only thing currently being added to the tank is a few drops of ammonia every few days to maintain bio filter till I have animals (more than the healthy population of tiny copepods that came out of nowhere).

picture is obviously from before the anacharis all died.

Title: Re: low tech background plants?
Post by: superfish on November 23, 2016, 08:03:15 AM
Rotala is first choice for any my planted tank.