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Title: Adding More fish to my tank
Post by: Jester on February 07, 2017, 10:11:15 AM
I posted A tank on the community tank page just to get An idea if more fish can be added to my tank the results kind of what I expected.I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas on another fish I can add to my current set-up

I currently have A 65 gallon tank (3ft version)
PH 7.2
sand substrate
filter is an aquatop cf400uv
tank is consistently around 75 degrees
moderately to heavy planted tank amazon swords,watersprites,one large Crypt one very tall rotella

not sure if you need more info

What I have now is

(14) diamond tetras
(12) black ruby barbs

all between 2-3"

(1) rainbow shark about 1 1/2"

I noted that I had 12 gold barbs on the community tank page which is not true just to get an opinion if this would be overstocked which came back yes as I thought

any thoughts on what else I can safely add to this mix that would not upset the balance of my tank and at the same time not overcrowd me I know I have room for A little bit more but not much.


Title: Re: Adding More fish to my tank
Post by: Amp2020 on February 18, 2017, 09:08:30 AM
IMO, there's still plenty of room for small fish. The shark may cause some trouble if you want to add peaceful slow moving fish.

If this was my tank, I'd add two bristlenose plecos, small group of cory catfish, some top swimmers such as dannios or killifish, or maybe some rainbowfish. If you get schooling fish, then you're less likely to overcrowd the tank since they like being in large groups. But be careful of water parameters. The pH might crash if you're not carefully testing on a regular basis. Obviously you don't want to add too many fish at one time. Or it could cause an ammonia spike and make all the fish sick. Just take it slow, observe the tank for signs of stress and test often.

Title: Re: Adding More fish to my tank
Post by: fishtank on June 03, 2017, 04:26:12 AM
Adding more fishes together is not good, the fishes cab be injured.