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Title: Am I stressing my smaller fish?
Post by: gph on September 04, 2017, 05:18:16 PM
Reading this site's article on fish longevity by species, I notice that I'm quite good at keeping medium-sized barbs (e.g., clown barbs), red-tailed black sharks, gouramis, kribensis and loaches for periods approaching the lifespan given there, but I'm lucky if I can get, say, cherry barbs to last eighteen months.

Over about 10-12 years, I haven't noticed much aggression from the larger fish towards smaller ones (aggression tends to be intra-species, except for the rtb sharks which are aggressive towards similar-sized fish).

But is some stress caused by the size difference alone?

Title: Re: Am I stressing my smaller fish?
Post by: russ on September 04, 2017, 06:10:19 PM
I would estimate that the smaller fish may be only stressed by the mouth size of the larger ones. One the other hand, the smaller fish may not even be worth bothering by larger ones if it doesn't benefit them in any way. Example....Large Piranha have been photographed in the wild and kept in large aquara with Neon Tetras. Fishes diet and energy exertion towards chasing or gathering food changes as they age and grow.

Others may have had various experiences with their RTB sharks. Me, its been 50/50 as far as their aggressiveness goes. But, don't mistake a fish's aggressiveness with just being an aggressive feeder.