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Title: Fish uprising?
Post by: kromagg on November 16, 2017, 05:10:15 PM
My fish scare me sometimes..
Black angel was a Dick to white one.. So I put him to jail for a while.. When I came back.. All 3 free angelfish were guarding the prisoner.. THEY DIDN'T EVEN MOVED WHEN I DROPPED THE FOOD....

I was like wtf.... Are they guarding him for his safety? Or to make sure he will not break free...

On the video I recorded guard change... It's like its planet of apes but with fish... (

Title: Re: Fish uprising?
Post by: russ on November 16, 2017, 07:45:52 PM
On the other hand............very nice tank and your Angels look very nice and healthy. In regards to the prisoner, I've experienced a similar incident one time with a solid black angel that was, ah, ummm, a little $h*t inside the tank and was giving all the other fish grief. He even charged the front glass when I approached. I traded him outright fast after a week of that went by. He was also a mature fish, but not old. Sometimes you wind up with a bully of sorts and sometimes it is just a hierarchy adjustment with the other fish in the tank.