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Title: GH & PH Test & Cloudy tank
Post by: Luke367 on April 15, 2018, 04:49:36 PM
Good afternoon,
I have 2 questions
Not sure if anyone can suggest anything but I'm new to keeping fish really enjoying it, I have 4 guppy's in the tank "Tetra Fish Tank Starter Line LED 54L" (Wasn't able to post image link without 10 posts.)

But about 2 months of testing the water, I'm still having issues with my pH (7.5) & GH (180) test which on my card have it saying "Caution (Continue to watch) how can I lower this?


Also, my tank is cloudy I've tried tetra clear water which someone from my local fish store said to use but it's done nothing it's still the same. (I clear my tank 1/2 a week 10%) & I feed my fish 2 times a day 12hrs day & night (Fish flakes)

Thank you so much for your time & reading.


Title: Re: GH & PH Test & Cloudy tank
Post by: MRM on April 18, 2018, 04:45:16 PM
Don't try to change pH or GH they are what they are. Yes there are lots of products out on the market that "control" both but what they really lead to are wild fluctuations in both that are more harmful to the fish in your tank. Most of the fish commonly available on the market today are farm raised and don't require the pH/GH levels that wild caught fish need.

As to the cloudy issues what are your ammonia and nitrate readings. Thank you for the 10% water changes but your fish would benefit more from a 50% weekly water change.