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Author Topic: 75g Predator tank--not for the squeemish  (Read 29972 times)
« Reply #50 on: August 17, 2008, 10:51:04 AM »

I have had 4 full grown male congo tetras for the past 2 years.  They are beautiful fish and they are
very social fish as well.  They have teeth!!  They are considered carnivores but they do not bother any of
their tankmates which include a lot of otos, black skirt tetras, bleeding hearts and two full grown SAEs.
In fact the SAEs are probably larger than the congos. 

The congos are about 4 inches not counting the tail and the SAEs are at least 5 inches. 

The congos seem to sometimes look like they are fighting with each other but I have never seen any
damage except when one runs into a rock or other decor.  They are very hardy fish.

At one time I had 3 females in with the 4 males and that seemed to cause the males to fight over the
females.  They scattered a lot of eggs but they were quickly eaten by the bleeding hearts and the black skirts.

I finally had to move the femmales out to quiet the tank down.  The males having most all the color did
not lose any color with the absence of the females but the tank is now a lot more quiet.  That has been
a year or so ago.  Great fish!!  Eat anything love bloodworms!!

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« Reply #51 on: August 19, 2008, 01:05:59 PM »

Congo tetras are cool fish......but I am on an elusive search for some fish that we found at an LFS about 3 years ago. They came in as "Albino Congo Tetras" but were the wrong fish. The LFS sold them to us as that. They were so cool that we bought all 8 or however many they had......over the course of a few days, They ALL Died!! And, we havent been able to find that I've seen and been around real Congo Tetras, I know that these other fish didnt look anything like them. I searched online, every LFS, fish room, etc that I go to, I look for these fish. They were a tight schooling fish. Silvery on the sides, with I think a red spot either on their gill plate or the edge of their eye that is closest to their dorsal fin...they schooled in a fish tank like you see in videos of sardines and other schooling fish in the wild. They were so amazing looking, they schooled so tightly and were SO shiny!! But they died so quickly that we didnt get to see their long term behavior and havent found them again........the search resumes!! Smiley

Thanks everyone for all your input.


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I know where rasaqua's stuff is.....

« Reply #52 on: August 20, 2008, 11:03:47 AM »

OK, Congo Tetras are not squeamish! Although all fish are opportunistic feeders, most are not in the 'predatory' class.

Unless Lori has changed her mind (which is of coarse a woman's prerogative) innocent or we have managed to change her mind, replies should be targeted on the original topic subject.

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« Reply #53 on: August 20, 2008, 12:07:55 PM »

Nope, havent changed my mind!! Not on this tank anyway!!  proud

Thanks Russ for putting us back on track! Smiley

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« Reply #54 on: October 09, 2017, 12:56:37 PM »

Hey Lori I think that is a fantastic and practical idea. I like your thinking.

I have no idea what a sunfish is.
I don't know what your 75 dimensions are.
I have an 80g and I wouldn't house any other fish on your list in the tank.
Now I may just be being conservative. But I don't consider my 80g as a tank that really has that much space in it...

Some of the 5-6" catfish would definitely be a goer IMO. The ones with spots on....ummm don't know their name lmao
Mystus spp. maybe?

Oh and there is an article in the library about turtles. They definitely need a lot more than a little environment Smiley

Just taking a spin through while I’m debating rescuing 3 oscars off craigslist that a guy is giving away FTGH-and I do believe the name of the catfish you’re talking about is mystus leucophasis -Adore the one superpap has myself but for her 55 alone for ONE is the standard I believe.One of them would cull the extras no prob lol
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