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Author Topic: new tank setup questions  (Read 2917 times)
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« on: September 27, 2016, 05:21:07 AM »

Hi. welcome I'm really glad I found this forum.

Im upgrading to 180l.. Well I will be keeping my 25l. With 4 platy..
But I really want tropical fish aquarium.

So I've been reading for the last 2 weeks.. Watching youtube.. Etc..
I just ordered all equipment (I  have only glass aquarium as of now).

I will use fluval u4 and 2 150w heaters.
My tank is 122(long)cm x 36(wide)cm x 46cm (high)

 I'm thinking to get those plants: 4ft tank plants

Plus 2 driftwood and few flat stones to make cave like object.
I will use this gravel:
black gravel x3
white gravel x1

I tried to choose peaceful fish for each layer:
On bottom :
1 bristlenose pleco + 6x cory panda
On top:
2 dwarf gouramis
On mid/ floating :
12 neon tetras ( or 6 neon and 6 cardinals)

And now questions...
1. Could I have 1 or 2 extra angelfish?? I really love to have at least one..
And maybe / or few guppy?
2. would this gravel be ok for my bottom fish? (I'm trying to make white beach corner with no plants mostly for pleco) do I connect 2 heaters to work as one (so same temp stay in whole tank. I want use 2 so the heating area will be larger than just with one).
4. how much water would change would be ok? weekly changes or 2 weekly?

thank you
vet tech extraordinaire
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« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2016, 08:09:20 AM »

I don't know if there is a way to connect two heaters. You may just have to get two thermometers, on for each side, and continue tweaking until you have uniform temps. Sometimes the heaters aren't calibrated correctly so don't rely too much on the numbers on the temp dial. Another option is to get 1 heater big enough for your whole tank and put it by the filter intake so all the warmth created is sucked up and spread around. Also, I think the Corrie's would likely prefer sand  but should be fine if the gravel is smooth enough.
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