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Author Topic: Angelfish with ulcers/white spots  (Read 1830 times)
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« on: May 04, 2017, 08:11:35 PM »

(Sorry if this is a double post, I ran into an error and couldn't see it after initially posting)
Tank Size:65G

Filtration (include media types i.e. activated carbon, floss, etc):Cascade Penn Plax 700, Running with Fluval pre-filter media, floss, then Seachem Matrix (this is a new filter set up in mid March, ran it at the same time as old filter for 2 weeks to develop BB, then removed old filter)

How long has your tank been set up:3 years

Using a liquid reagent test kit, please provide the following:

Nitrates:between 0-10mg/l

Temperature:80 F

Substrate: Gravel(about 1.5 inches deep)

Décor/Live or fake plants: Mixed

Maintenance (water changes-how much, how often, vacuum, etc):Bi weekly(sometimes every third week) 20% water change with light gravel vacuum


Who lives in your tank? Include a  listing of inhabitants, feeding schedule, and how long they have had the inhabitants. Angelfish(2 years), 1 guppy, 6 Bronze cory, 1 Julii cory, 1 albino bristlenose pleco (1.5 years for rest)

What symptoms are being exhibited and when did they start: small white spot on side noticed about 2 weeks ago. Second spot appeared and initial spot is getting bigger, it can be seen in the picture. 3 days ago noticed a dark red ulcer on base of pectoral fin, sorry about the quality of the picture of it, that was the best one I could get, it has a few red spots on the sore.

I have done 3 water changes(about 20%) in the past three days and did a really deep vacuum of the substrate. Not too sure what to do, any advice would be appreciated. I plan on doing another water change tomorrow. Thanks in advance for your help, this forum has been a great help with any problems I have run into.

* Pectoral Fin.jpeg (46.69 KB, 864x1440 - viewed 300 times.)

* Side Spot.jpg (120.87 KB, 768x1280 - viewed 303 times.)
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