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Author Topic: Overnight Deaths  (Read 1237 times)
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« on: March 28, 2017, 07:59:55 AM »

Water change was performed last night with a gravel clean to boot. refilled with conditioned water as per usual and went to bed. Woke this morning to find 17 out of the 22 fish i have dead. I lost a beautiful angel and various other tertras and a few barbs. The only survivors were the five danios i purchased over four weeks ago three zebra and two spotted. Checked the temperature and its fine checked the water and the KH was a little high but noting off the scale. all the dead fish were stuck to the filtration system. I did introduce three new fish and an ornament which i cleaned before putting in,over a week ago from my mums tanks as she was getting rid of them but two of them were the danios. i have recently painted but that was three to four days ago and never use any sprays near the tank. I am devastated as in the six years i have had fish this has never happened. Anyone have any ideas as to what has happened.? 
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« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2017, 09:26:31 AM »

Most often a massive die off over a very short period is due to a contaminant of some kind getting into the water. The problem becomes one of figuring out what it was and how it got into the tank.

Sometimes it is something we have done by mistake. Sometimes it is caused by somebody else accidentally. Sometimes is can be due to the water company doing something of which one is not aware which causes it. They may flush the system with a high chlorine dose etc.

How did the fish look when you removed them? Were there any marks or discolorations? Is it possible you way overdosed the dechlor or even that you might have used a wrong bottle and it was not dechlor?

I sympathize with you as I have had this happen on a couple of occasions over the past 17 years. Once I knew the cause but the time it wiped out over $2,000 worth of fish and shrimp, I was never able to figure it out. I just know I must have made some sort of mistake to cause it, but I could not determine what. And I have great well water and never have to use conditioner.


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