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Author Topic: Stocking suggestions/advice  (Read 1866 times)
« on: April 18, 2018, 12:24:38 AM »
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I just got a 55 gallon tank. I'm planning on doing a basic Aquascape, jungle Style. So I'm pretty much just going to have a lot of big leafy plants with a lot of coverage. I haven't done a lot of research on some fishes that I was interested in, I was planning on doing more thorough research when I decide what kind of stock I will have. I would appreciate some suggestions and advice. I'm going for a community tank with flashy colored fishes since it's going to be in the living room with my family.

This is the list my family and I picked as fishes to look into:
Golden dojo loach
African dwarf frog
German blue ram
Panda cory cats

Please let me know who can get along and who can't - along with suggetions. I appreciate the help!
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« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2018, 04:38:53 PM »
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Hi Mermaidman (excellent name, btw!)

Your family’s picked a nice variety of species to choose from—-many different behaviors, types of motility and colors.  Is there one species you feel esp. pulled toward?  Have you considered how you’ll design the interior and what type of filtration and aeration you’d like?  Will you be incorporating live plants?  Do you have any lighting yet?  How much time do you have per week for maintenance?  How old is everyone and who will be taking care of the tank and the fish responsibilities?

While you wait for more replies here...
And have you found our fish profiles gallery here at Badman’s yet? And our compatibility chart? Just something to glance at while more people come over and chime in.  

The good news is you have a blank slate and the fish you’ve picked are peaceful when stocked at moderate levels, but the trick, as you know,  is choosing just a few species to create an environment that works harmoniously together.  

Would you have the time and space for species that are fairly prolific or those that don’t produce as many fry?  Are you looking for fairly long-lived species or would you be alright with shorter-lived fish family members?  Are you looking for a few big personality fish to keep as singletons or in a small school or would you like to see a bigger, bright, flashy school swim through your tank?

Sorry to pepper you with so many questions so early, but I guarantee each answer will help customize the options you’ll have and the answers the Ancients here will be able to make suggestions on.

I look forward to seeing how your tank develops Wink. And, might I suggest, if you’re checking out livebearers such as mollies and swords, you might want to take a peek at plattys, kind of Easter eggs of the aquarium.  (All 3 species—mollies, platys and swords have the unique ability to retain 6 months of sperm from different sires.  And giving birth every month as they do, thee keep tanks bubbling with color.)

Talk to you soon Mermaidman!  Welcome to Badmans waters welcome
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« Reply #2 on: April 21, 2018, 10:19:35 AM »
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Thanks for the reply!
I like all of the species, but I specifically like the African dwarf frog, the Guppies and the golden Dojo Loach just because I've had those before and an old tank. So I already know their behaviors and their favorite foods and whatnot.
The inside will be a jungle Style Aquascape. So I have a layer of soil than gravel and sand on top. It's going to be all the 100% live plants that are low Tech low maintenance. I plan to have a lot of leafy big plants so that there will be not a lot of empty spaces up on top. I do want to leave some room on the sand so that my bottom dwellers can have the comfort of moving around easier.
I have all the lighting and filtration and heating set up. I've also already cycled through the tank for at least 48 hours with live plants and some filter media and water from my already established tank upstairs.
 I'm going to be the one taking care of the tank since it's not my first one, but it is my first one having one of this size so that's why I'm a little unsure with how the different species will act together because the most I've ever had is about 5 different species.
If I have fish that produce fry in my tank it's not that big of a problem, I don't plan on severely overstocking and with the help of my heavily planted tank I know that the filtration will be great. if I have room I am okay with it, but I also have the luck of many reliable local fish stores that I can donate to since I have already been in contact with them about donating before.
Thank you for the suggestion about plattys I will definitely look into them! Thank you for your input!
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« Reply #3 on: April 24, 2018, 02:40:36 PM »
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Hi Mermaidman,

Sorry you haven’t heard back a little sooner (when there’s a new tank waiting, there’s no such thing as too soon, lol!).

It sounds like you’re setting up a freshwater paradise.  Using the older filter media is great, just make sure your tank has fully cycled (which should be a cinch with the lush planting.). Another nice thing about planting so lushly in the lower strata is that oxygen starts to dip at about 19 inches of depth (around a standard 55’s measurements), so you’ll be doing yourself several favors—giving an extra O2 kick for bottom dwelling fish esp., for all fish in general, providing tons of cover for mid to bottom dwellers as well as helping expediate the turnover of disoloved organics.

In all it sounds like a perfect guppy tank with beautiful contrast, cover and tons of room!  For maintaining all your greenery, had you considered otos:  They’re small, cheerful, docile and power-cleaners when it comes to keeping up with typical tank algae of both the brown and green vairieties and they’ll leave your guppy fry alone to grow into the colorful souls that they are.  Takeshi Amano considers them one of the penultimate algae eaters and tank cleaners that no tank should be without.  The rule of hand is to get one oto per 10 gallons, any more and there might not be enough supplemental algae for your otos (they do well on spirlulina tabs the rest of the time.). They are on the inconspicuous side, though.  For a bit more of a show you could always add a few pieces of driftwood and a few bristlenose plecos:[[/url].  Gentle, sweet, comics of the tank—they’re also champion algae eaters (although not as through as otos.). Imagine little catfish with anemones for noses.  They come in a wide variety of patterns and colors so they don’t necessarily blend into the background (although they do love living on the bottom of the tank.  The Panda Cory’s that you picked are a nice, showy schooling addition to the tank.  Residing mostly at the mid-bottom, they like darting to the surface for air:[].  Having had all 3 species I can tell you they’re all long-lived, beautiful, healthy souls that all make a community aquarium an instant attraction.

Here’s our profile on dwarf frogs:[[/url]. They should make beautiful, peaceful additions to your tank.

Gouramis for the upper strata, colorful, peaceful, busy, bigger, flashy additions to the upper strata.  Gouramis are related to bettas so they’re labyrinth breathers, requiring surface air: Opaline gouramis come in a plethora of colorful patterns and are best for beginning gourami keepers.  Your choice of rams is also excellent as their  gorgeous colors and electric flashes from dynamically bright scales are like fireworks in the tank:[]

Mollys, Swords, Endlers and Rasboras will all school along with your guppies as well as they’ll all livebearers, so they’ll share fry bearing opportunities together.

Essentially, it sounds like your primary choice is deciding/balancing quantities.  Do you want to have a large smattering if different livebearers or would you like to focus on something like guppies and endlr’s which will hybridize the fry for more variety?  That would be dynamic.  Finding particular colors/patterns for particular species is easy on Aquabid:[]

The next question...once you have chosen your species and varietie would you like I put on stocking levels?
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