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Author Topic: Got a grant for GloFish for my classroom and realized how uneducated I am on fis  (Read 888 times)
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« on: September 02, 2018, 02:50:51 PM »

Hello all! I'm a fourth-grade teacher who chose Glofish for my "Pets In The Classroom Grant" (it was that or betta fish in terms of available fish grants, and I don't find bettas particularly interesting fish, personally). I had a goldfish in a bowl with some water and rocks as a child, but beyond that know basically nothing about fish (my mother cared for the goldfish even as I was single digits in age).

I was hoping the grant would provide some guidance but they literately gave me 4 coupons for supplies and that was it. When picking up the supplies I realized I was wildly uninformed, and luckily my boyfriend at least watched his stepfather care for an aquarium so he was able to lead me with some helpful tips. I'm here for help to make sure my fish get the best care.

Here's What I Have so far:
-10 Gallon GloFish "Starter Kit"- (it won't let me add a link to the specific starter kit as I don't have 10 posts yet. However it has a heater, filter, lights, water conditioner and some trial food).
-20 lbs of gravel
-Bio bags
-"Omega One" natural protein formula freshwater fish flakes
-"Imagitarium" Water Conditioner
(Plants and Sculptures are in the mail and will be here before fish are in the aquarium).
-Small plastic tank for fish to be in while the tank is being cleaned


1) How many fish should I keep in my 10-gallon aquarium?

I've seen about 4 different answers to this, and I'm not sure how to proceed with the purchasing of the fish. I've seen one post saying that 10 gallons is too small for these fish period. Also posts saying I need at least 5 fish since they're schooling fish. GloFish website doesn't say... but my box has 8 glofish in the aquarium. I want to have a plan when buying these fish, once the aquarium is ready.

2) What's a good match with the GloFish- what other fish can I buy?

Should they be best in groups, I'll probably get 2-3 actual glofish and then something else, hopefully cheap...

3) How should I proceed with feeding?

Glofish's website says 1-2 times per day. The fish food directions say 3 times daily. Ideally, I'd like to get some sort of automatic feeder to feed them over the weekend/breaks (for the record, I work at a parochial school and both the priest and some churchgoers have agreed to care for the fish over weekends/breaks but ideally, I'd like a backup). Can anyone suggest an automatic feeder for me?

4) Suggestions for transport?

This is the least urgent, but still on my mind. I work 25 minutes from my school. I will probably be getting the fish the evening before and bringing them to school in the morning. Would it be most humane to transfer the fish into the small "holding" tank (the one I'll use when cleaning) overnight and then transport them to school and then put them back in bags to readjust to the temperature of the aquarium? Should I just keep them in the bags overnight?
(More than likely getting them from the pet store and bringing them to their aquarium in the same trip won't be an option)

I apologize for the long message, because of my simple goldfish experience as a child, I thought all fish were like that and I'm ashamed for not doing the research ahead of time. I got quite an awakening when my grant package came with no instructions and then all the things from Petco I needed.  I'm doing a lot of research on aquarium setup, but needed answers about my specific fish/tank. I take animal care very seriously and want to make sure my fish have a happy life and also hopefully inspire petcare and love within my students.
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