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Author Topic: ACRONYMS  (Read 13983 times)
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« on: November 01, 2007, 01:06:20 PM »

A complete, alphabetical list of abbreviations you may find around the forums.  We encourage everyone to spell out all words so that other may find them easier to read but this is here if you need it! Smiley 

AC      =activated charcoal/carbon
ACF   =african clawed frog
ADF   =african dwarf frog
BBL   =be back later
BF   =butterfly betta
BGA   =glue green algae
BGK   =black ghost knife
BRB   =be right back
BTW   =by the way
C   =carbon
Ca   =calcium
CaCL   =calcium chloride
CaCo3   =calcium carbonate
CaN03   =calcium nitrate
CaS04   =calcium sulfate
CKF   =clown knife fish
Cl   =chloride
CO2   =carbon dioxide
CO3   =carbonate
CRI   =color rendering index
CT   =crowntail betta
DIY   =do-it-yourself
DOC   =dissolved organic compounds/carbon
DSB   =deep sand bed
DT   =double tail/delta tail betta
EBJD   =electric-blue jack dempsey
FAQ   =frequently asked questions
FE   =iron
FO   =fish only
FOWLR   =fish only with live rock
FW    =freshwater
FWIW   =for what it's worth
FYI   =for your information
GF   =goldfish
GGP   =giant green puffer
GH   =general hardness
GP    =green puffer
GPH   =gallons per hour
GV   =gravel vacuum
HITH   =hole-in-the-head disease
HM   =halfmoon betta
HOB/HOT   =hang on the back/hang on the tank
HRP        =Honduran Red Point
HTH   =hope that helps
ICH   =ichthyophthirius multifillis disease
ICK   =ichthyophthirius multifillis disease
IMO/IMHO=in my opinion/in my humble opnion
IOW   =in other words
ITA   =I totally agree
JD   =jack dempsey
JK   =just kidding
K    =potassium
K2S04   =potassium sulphate
KH   =carbonate hardness
KMNO3   =potassium permangenate
KNO3   =potassium nitrate
LFS/LPS   =local fish store/local pet store
LLE   =later line erosion
LMAO   =laughing my ass off
LOL   =laughing out loud
LPS   =large polyp stony coral
LR   =live rock
LS   =live sand
Mg    =magnesium
MgSo4   =magnesium sulphate
MH   =metal halide
MTS   =malaysian trumpet snail/multiple tank syndrome
N   =nitrogen
NA   =sodium
Na(Co3)2   =sodium bicarconate
NaCL   =salt/sodium chloride
NH3   =ammonia
NH4       =ammonium
NIMFT   =not in my fish tank
NO   =normal output
NO2   =nitrite
NO3   =nitrate
NTD   =neon tetra disease
O   =oxygen
OHM   =over halfmoon betta
OMG   =oh my God
P   =phosphorus
PC   =power compact
PITA   =pain in the ass
PK   =plakat betta
PPM   =parts per million
PWC   =partial water change
QT   =quarantine
RFUG   =refugium
RO/DI   =reverse osmosis/deionization
ROFL   =rolling on the floor laughing
ROFLMAO   =rolling on the floor laughing my ass off
RTBS   =red tail black shark
RTN   =rapid tissue necrosis
S   =sulfur
SAE/CAE   =siamese algae eater/chinese algae eater
SD   =superdelta betta
SFF   =siamese fighting fish
SG   =specific gravity
SL   =body length of fish excluding the tail
SPS   =small polyp stoney coral
SW   =saltwater
TB   =tiger barb or tuberculosis
TDS   =total dissolved solids
TL   =total length of fish including tail fin
TTYL   =talk to you later
TWP   =tap water purification
TY   =thank you
UGF   =undergravel filter
VHO   =very high output
VT   =veiltail betta
WC   =water change
WPG   =watts per gallon
WTH   =what the hell
YMMV   =your mileage may vary
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