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How do you keep snails happy? They need a high in calcium diet and a high pH for healthy strong shells.

Adding crushed coral to your substrate or in your filter can help to raise your pH. One cup per 25 gallons of water is usually all you need.

Housing Requirements: Aquarium, Filter, Heater, Thermometer, Aquarium Hood.

Using an Aquarium Hood is vital when keeping pet snails. Brigs. will easily climb out of any aquarium regardless of size. Block all escape routes.

Brigs. are tropical and it is required that you provide them with warm water. A thermometer will ensure that your heater is working properly, and that the water is at the right temperature.

Snails are messy eaters, and produce a lot of waste for their size. A HOB or other type of filter is required to keep the aquarium clean.

Water Additives: Conditioner, Liquid Calcium Drops.

Pomacea Bridgessi (brigs.) need 2.5 gallons of water per snail.

In the Other Aquatic Section we refer to pest snails and pet snails. I encourage anyone with snails in their aquarium to either know in advance what they are or provide a picture for us so that we can ID the snail for you.

Members have provided a list of foods that they feed their Pet Snails. Please feel free to read their responses to the question:

What do you feed your snails?

April ♥ Lynn:
zuchinni, cucumbers, and bananas are a fav.
mine did not touch lime, orange, or lemon. They are not fond of lettuce.

But the thing they eat and find the fastest are shrimp pellets, and Melody's bottom bites!

broccoli, cucumber, zucchini, apple, banana, spinach, lettuce...

homemade snail cookies (gelatin based)

Snail Cookies (Gelatin) ;)

one packet of Knox unflavored Gelatin (NOT Jello :) )
1 4oz jar of high calcium veggie baby food (Spinach, Squash, Green Beans, etc)
add crushed up fish food - enough so it's visible in the mix (crushed Shrimp Pellets, high protein flake, etc)
Extra Calcium (if desired) - I found a gell filled tablet and squeezed the gel into the mix

Heat up the baby food in the microwave for ~45 seconds and immediately mix in the gelatin.
Add the fish food and extra calcium mixing well.  Pour/spoon into a flat container, place in refrigerator, and allow to gel.  Cut into pieces and drop in the tank :)

This freezes perfectly, just thaw it in the fridge and it's like it was never frozen ;)

Apple (microwaved for 30 seconds to cook and soften it) bananas, snail jello (veggie baby food base), snail cookies (Music's recipe), shrimp pellets, raisins, occasionally even cooked, unseasoned fish/shrimp/crab meat.

Brussel sprouts (cooked) go over really well, too.


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