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Main Tank70 viewsA picture of the full tank.. as always a work in progress
Polka Dot Pictus Catfish 2.jpg
Polka Dot Pictus Catfish 2138 views
Feeding111 viewsMy Ocellaris Nemo is tank reared and very tame. It eats from my hand here.
05_12_03 M Apisto Caca CRS.JPG
M Apisto Cacatuoides171 views
THE NEW SPICES112 viewsFacing the camera.
maroon clown91 viewsbastad!
bichir swimming99 views
05_08_10 LSP 1.JPG
LSP82 views

Last additions
Siamese algae eater774 viewsApr 06, 2012
Female Green Terror Cichlid887 viewsApr 06, 2012
Sailfin pleco and L142720 viewsApr 06, 2012
211gal planted community tank1277 viewsApr 06, 2012
Bichir and Clown loach1211 viewsApr 06, 2012
Black skirt tetra's1064 viewsApr 06, 2012
211gal planted community tank1158 viewsApr 06, 2012
Bronze Cory's972 viewsApr 06, 2012