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130 viewsSharing is nice.
Jim Plumbs His First Eheim.jpg
Jim Plumbs His First Eheim499 views
Otocinclus ("Oto")91 viewsVery shy, and extremely sensitive to its surroundings, these little fishes are a delight to watch! They are also quite efficient algae cleaners for their size (grows upto 2-1/2 inches).
Ivory & Blue96 views
September 2010553 viewsThis tank is an 18 x 36 30 gallon breeder and was set up with pool filter sand as the substrate. I have approx 2WPG of T-5 HO lighting. I add no C02 or fertilization. I am running two Eheim ecco canister filters. Stocking is 15 Neon Tetras, 6 Corydoras, 1 BN pleco and 2 ghost shrimp.
my clowns138 views
two new95 viewssourcing new sites for em...

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Siamese algae eater491 viewsApr 06, 2012
Female Green Terror Cichlid594 viewsApr 06, 2012
Sailfin pleco and L142456 viewsApr 06, 2012
211gal planted community tank883 viewsApr 06, 2012
Bichir and Clown loach822 viewsApr 06, 2012
Black skirt tetra's714 viewsApr 06, 2012
211gal planted community tank807 viewsApr 06, 2012
Bronze Cory's657 viewsApr 06, 2012