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Red Belly Piranha174 views
05_05_20 Kuhlis C.JPG
Kuhlis683 viewsThese little guys are too much fun :) They are always playing in the grass, and I don't know if you can tell, but they are right up next to the glass. Very nice of them :)
06_02_19 DojoBuried 2.JPG
THE NEW SPICES121 viewsDetail of the male dorsal fin.
Reid Park Zoo Green Bird.jpg
Reid Park Zoo Freeflight Bird Exhibit156 viewsThis was my son's favorite part of the zoo. This green bird was kind enough to pose for us.
going home.JPG
137 viewson our way home, what a trip, what an experience!!

Last additions
Siamese algae eater1270 viewsApr 06, 2012
Female Green Terror Cichlid1380 viewsApr 06, 2012
Sailfin pleco and L1421198 viewsApr 06, 2012
211gal planted community tank1862 viewsApr 06, 2012
Bichir and Clown loach1774 viewsApr 06, 2012
Black skirt tetra's1612 viewsApr 06, 2012
211gal planted community tank1741 viewsApr 06, 2012
Bronze Cory's1506 viewsApr 06, 2012