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Featherfin Sydontis526 views1 comments11/15/07 at 05:04Rob1619: very nice featherfin!
gold fish sandwich411 viewsthese are my silver dollars making a sandwich of my gold fish1 comments11/10/07 at 06:38Betsy: The goldfish does not look well. Please research ...
Rummy Nose Tetra418 viewsAnother Rummy Nose Tetra.1 comments11/09/07 at 01:09Rob1619: nice picture
clown loach704 viewspoor guy had an attack of white spots ... now recovering slowly and i dunno why but hes always so jumpy and scared !2 comments11/04/07 at 12:34Betsy: He's a schooling fish- he needs buddies and a ...
blood parrot1312 viewsa sucker for blood worms :)5 comments11/04/07 at 12:32Betsy: This is a man-made crossbreed of two types of fish...
My gold fish pond912 viewsgoldfish are 8 years old and come into the warm basement every winter2 comments10/25/07 at 08:11elizabeth: thanks
electric cat 940 views2 comments10/24/07 at 14:19elizabeth: He is in his own tank because when he gets big he ...
My new tank 1026 viewsMy clown knife loves his new home2 comments10/24/07 at 14:16elizabeth: Thank you..he will need even bigger some day
Geo Junupari 933 views2 comments10/24/07 at 14:15elizabeth: Yes it is my colony of fronts .. that one is 7 inc...
my balck ghost knife833 views2 comments10/24/07 at 14:13elizabeth: he has a cave but he is never in it..he is always ...
853 views1 comments10/23/07 at 23:42blesson87: beauty !
DYI Bubble Counter After.jpg
Simple / Inexpensive Bubble Counter816 viewsI built this for about $3. A small bottle from any store, drilled two holes (3/16") inserted two 'Air Line Tubing Connectors', attach small piece of CO2 safe air-line to one, and put a little aquarium safe sealer on the connectors, so no air leaks out.2 comments10/23/07 at 23:23blesson87: wat is this thing for ?
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