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blood parrot1376 viewsa sucker for blood worms :)5 comments09/20/09 at 15:35konstargirl: ^So it isn't okay to purchase Mixed breeds of ...
55g2554 viewsMy PRIDE & JOY :):)6 comments09/19/09 at 19:22konstargirl: Beautiful Plants. ;3
636 views2 comments09/19/09 at 19:18konstargirl: Your gourami's are so cute. <3 What happen ...
Picture 030.jpg
Red Devil677 views1 comments09/19/09 at 18:13konstargirl: Pretty. =D
Picture 034.jpg
Red Belly Piranha637 views2 comments09/19/09 at 18:12konstargirl: Whats the tank size. I could be wrong, but is it t...
Picture 034.jpg
Red Belly Piranha637 views2 comments08/30/09 at 14:06Betsy: This tank looks waaaay too small for your fish. Al...
A. percula1055 views2 comments08/02/09 at 15:37konstargirl: I love the pretty colors of your fish
L-008 Mouth Parts ;)1155 views2 comments08/02/09 at 15:08konstargirl: It looks like a pleco fish I use to have.
L-008 Mouth Parts ;)1155 views2 comments08/01/09 at 19:47Betsy: Pucker up, baby!
Festis864 viewsMesonauta Festivus. It's GREAT to have these guys in my tank.1 comments06/26/09 at 09:55Betsy: A festivus for the rest of us....
WHAT A FACE :):)601 viewsLlama from the Petting Zoo. She followed my step-son around half the day.1 comments06/26/09 at 09:54Betsy: Looks like she is asking for a kiss......
Zeek875 viewsHe's completely blind now, and not even 6 years old. It amazes me how well he does. Sometimes we forget. He's my BOY :)1 comments06/26/09 at 09:54Betsy: What a cutey!
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