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Dog Fight.jpg
Just Playing!338 views1 comments08/28/05 at 14:58Betsy: Oh, yes- the old "My mouth is bigger than you...
Brad_s Fish 024.jpg
1009 views2 comments08/25/05 at 18:48Betsy: Your Gourami looks especially nice under that ligh...
I.D Shark362 views1 comments08/23/05 at 18:55debbs: Beautiful Picture!
Lady posing. Tried using my new 'point-and-shoot' camera.803 views6 comments08/22/05 at 19:43Betsy: Methinks somebody needs to start submitting to pho...
55 gallon planted Discus tank2775 views2 comments08/19/05 at 11:20rodney: (...)in fab
05_08_11 Marisa.JPG
Marisa340 viewsWhen I got my Marisas, this was the littlest one. Notice the growth line right at the top? That's how much it's grown since I got them on July 25th :):)1 comments08/18/05 at 07:28debbs: He's beautiful Shari
Newly free swimming fry (5 days old) on mothers back1180 viewsRed Turqoise mom in front of Red Melon Dad1 comments08/18/05 at 07:26debbs: Beautiful fish
3 week old Discus fry (100 of them!)2080 viewsRed Turquoise Mom with 3 week old fry3 comments08/18/05 at 07:25debbs: OMG!! Now that is just the cutest fry I ever did s...
The tank :)943 viewsThis is our budding 80g you can see the Angelfish there on the side and a few others..We like it lots :) Thats an onion plant there in the middle..and 2 apono plants as well all others are plastic :) lol1 comments08/17/05 at 09:34debbs: Very Nice, I love the water falls
Oto368 viewsThis is my last remaining oto, taken the last few days it was in QT tank after my angels attacked and killed all the otos but this one. This one had bites out of it's tail fin and top fin, but they are growing back nicely. Picture was taken in macro mode, shutter speed 1/8 second, aperture 2.3, ISO 100, no flash, hand-held. Cropped with Photoshop, cloned out some water spots, slight color adjustment, USM applied.1 comments08/11/05 at 11:46Kim: Nice! I'm so sorry you lost them...we don't get th...
Picasso948 viewsI believe he is an Endler/Guppy cross? He just showed up in my tank. I've never had Endlers in with my Gupps, nor have I ever had a Lyretail Guppy?? Miracle? ;)2 comments08/10/05 at 14:29April: He is GORGEOUS!!!!!
55 gallon planted Discus tank2775 views2 comments08/08/05 at 19:14Sarah: That looks beautiful... GOOD JOB!!!
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