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Jack1610 viewsElectric Blue Jack Dempsey (Sam, I just realized, I've had him for almost a year :) )2 comments06/17/05 at 21:18dianasfish: Scary eyes
516 views2 comments06/15/05 at 09:13Shari: NO FAIR...your Endlers WANT their picture taken ;...
yoyo loach4a.JPG
Yoyo's Favorite Hidey Hole1225 views2 comments06/15/05 at 07:09debbs: Great picture Michael, looks like he was teasing y...
55 gets a new home969 views1 comments06/14/05 at 14:08Carol: Would love to know where to get a light fixture li...
05_06_13 BR 20g CRS.JPG
20g837 viewsNew tank I set up just for the Spixi Snails and the Blue Rams.1 comments06/14/05 at 06:09debbs: I love the set up!
HEY HEY's FAAAAT Albert ;)1994 viewsMy 14 year old, close to a foot long, Clown Loach. My BUD :):)

I just have to make a reply to all the "Boy he's Ugly" comments ;) He may not be a beautiful fish, but he's the biggest sweety I've even owned. Seriously, a wet puppy..nuzzles my hand, dances for food, and just acts CUTE :D
9 comments06/13/05 at 13:25kuggur: Thatīs a waterhog.....!
Picasso948 viewsI believe he is an Endler/Guppy cross? He just showed up in my tank. I've never had Endlers in with my Gupps, nor have I ever had a Lyretail Guppy?? Miracle? ;)2 comments06/12/05 at 21:31Kels: No matter how he happened, he is gorgeous!
Lady posing. Tried using my new 'point-and-shoot' camera.803 views6 comments06/10/05 at 19:54debbs: She's a real BEAUTY
Lady posing. Tried using my new 'point-and-shoot' camera.803 views6 comments06/10/05 at 12:59mamaschild: She is SO PRETTY
55g2343 viewsMy PRIDE & JOY :):)6 comments06/09/05 at 04:04debbs: Can I have some of your plants? Beautiful hea...
Playing in the Ludwigia603 views1 comments06/09/05 at 04:03debbs: I love your frogs! Nice action pictures too!!
Jack says "Hello"1103 viewsElectric Blue Jack Dempsey.3 comments06/08/05 at 17:48Juli205: Unbelievable!
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