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55 gal538 views.4 albino corys,2 clown loachs ,3 platys,2 upside down catfish,2 gourami, 2 white clouds,1betta,4 blackskirt tetras,3 mixed fruit tetras,1 gold barb ,1 angelfish..2 green corys,and 1, 3-lined cory...2 serpae tetras,.balloon molly
1 comments02/21/09 at 10:27Betsy: That is a strange stocking situation you have ther...
Ctenopoma Acutirostre497 views1 comments02/08/09 at 18:45Betsy: Very nice. Yet another species I wish I could acco...
Frog947 viewsThis frog was found hanging onto my front door one morning :)3 comments02/05/09 at 12:33Betsy: Well, did you let him in?
Dwarf Gourami713 views2 comments01/27/09 at 21:44ajarnold942: Thank you!
Dwarf Gourami713 views2 comments01/25/09 at 15:22Betsy: Very nice, defined stripe pattern. Very pretty.
65 gallon tank625 views65 gallon tank consists of 2 full grown pink kissing groumies, 4 babypacock cichlids, 8"black ghost knife, 11" dragon goby, small pictus catfish, and 8" sailfin pleco. all of these fish were rescues and got for free. also 3 black/blue mystery snails that keep reproducing like crazy!1 comments01/25/09 at 15:21Betsy: Oh my. Please, folks, don't try to duplicate t...
full grown kissing groumies844 views2 comments01/25/09 at 15:19Betsy: Is there any way we could get you to take a pictur...
Misc Species534 viewsOkinawa Aquarium 20041 comments01/07/09 at 22:11mohab marzouk: This is a male shark
The Garbage Can467 viewsBeanie The Red-Eared Slider lives in "The River" and is responsible for more tank deaths than you could imagine. At only 4 inches he has killed and eaten 1 six inch Koi, 2 Fiddler Crabs, 1 Giant Blue Lobster, which by the way survived as a roommate for six months, 2 Newts and countless Snails and feeder fish.1 comments11/30/08 at 13:34Betsy: It sounds more like the owner is responsible for t...
411 views1 comments11/30/08 at 13:32Betsy: Is the stand/hood a custom build, or purchased? I ...
Middle of tank770 viewsVarious plants surrounding an imitation wood piece, all plants collected from other Badman's members.3 comments11/28/08 at 10:41Betsy: Blesson, this tank is designed for the comfort of ...
blood parrot1376 viewsa sucker for blood worms :)5 comments11/28/08 at 10:39Betsy: Blesson, this comment is left for people who just ...
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