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albino and green barbs 2.jpg
Mixed Barb School1027 viewsThis is a partial side view from the 50 gallon tank. The white expanse in the background is the opposing wall to the tank. There are currently no full views of this tank in my gallery due to my embarrasment at the current state of the plants- it is a work in progress.5 comments11/28/08 at 10:35Betsy: I'm sorry- perhaps I should have been more cle...
DYI Bubble Counter After.jpg
Simple / Inexpensive Bubble Counter801 viewsI built this for about $3. A small bottle from any store, drilled two holes (3/16") inserted two 'Air Line Tubing Connectors', attach small piece of CO2 safe air-line to one, and put a little aquarium safe sealer on the connectors, so no air leaks out.2 comments11/28/08 at 10:32Betsy: It is a part of a CO2 system, used in tanks with h...
688 views1 comments11/28/08 at 10:27Betsy: What is going on with their scales? Those poor fis...
betta584 views1 comments11/23/08 at 16:52Betsy: The color progression from top to bottom on this o...
rope fish704 views3 comments11/23/08 at 14:54Betsy: Ah. He looks neon green to me- perhaps it looks di...
black ghost679 views2 comments11/23/08 at 10:58elizabeth: he is about 13 inches
rope fish704 views3 comments11/23/08 at 10:57elizabeth: thats the actual color of rope fish..they are brow...
What are you looking at580 viewsshe stares out at nature all day.. 1 comments11/22/08 at 10:59Betsy: I have such fond memories of this breed- I grew up...
rope fish704 views3 comments11/20/08 at 19:42Betsy: Is this the actual color of the fish, or did the l...
black ghost679 views2 comments11/20/08 at 19:42Betsy: How big is this guy these days?
Bumblebee Goby.489 viewsTechnically a brackish water fish but they seem to be doing just fine in our community tank.1 comments11/11/08 at 20:51Betsy: What is the salinity of the tank water?
542 viewsDoes anyone know what kind of fish this is? NO one here in Frbks,Ak. knows. Thanks,sally1 comments10/17/08 at 09:01Heather: Epalzeorhynchos kalopterus
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