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503 views2 comments04/01/08 at 06:58Betsy: Fish are not "evil"- they have no concep...
Cute Pair623 viewsAsolene Sipxi Snail and Cherry Shrimp
1 comments03/27/08 at 12:01Betsy: Looks like they're playing tag.
Endlers and Friend1046 viewsFAT females and little males....

The BN is a Blue eye, 1 of 3, and I wonder if he's worried about the Swarm eating his Cuc?
3 comments03/27/08 at 12:01Betsy: Nice endlers. Does your male to female ratio lean ...
aega eater433 viewsthis aega eater live in my 10 gal. tank for one year.Died a couple of months ago.:(
1 comments03/27/08 at 11:59Betsy: Please do not replace it. That is a CAE, or chines...
Joker and kids524 viewsThis is about a week after they hatched, they've started swimming instead of wiggling. Joker has just begun taking them "outside".2 comments03/06/08 at 07:36goldwing100: how big is that convict
813 views3 comments02/21/08 at 11:37Betsy: I think it's a snail clutch. Either that, or t...
813 views3 comments02/21/08 at 08:08Heather: EEEWWWW what the heck is that?
Synodontis 904 views1 comments02/01/08 at 12:08Heather: What a fatty! Great picture Elizabeth, he's a...
George Washington 4442 views1 comments01/19/08 at 10:08goldwing100: thats well gd
75 Gallon 07/061442 views2 comments01/17/08 at 08:44goldwing100: thats a well nice tank id love to get mine looking...
503 views1 comments01/16/08 at 04:07goldwing100: thats a well nice light how much was it
505 views2 comments12/30/07 at 04:14Slim: My picture of silver sharks displays, what was ask...
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