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538 views2 comments12/29/07 at 12:43Betsy: Nice wood pieces- what's the grey in the lower...
Koi466 viewsKoi, breifly spent some time in The Big House and got tore up by a couple convicts. After he was released, Koi has cleaned up his act and settled down with a nice High Finned Shark named Spike. He never leaves Spikes side and is her protector, Lover and Friend.1 comments12/27/07 at 14:17Betsy: Poor fish to have such an irresponsible owner- ple...
My Jaguar cichlid730 viewshe is 11 inches and growing1 comments12/26/07 at 12:58Betsy: Now that's a pretty fish. Looks like he likes ...
Clown Loach Line465 views1 comments12/05/07 at 06:33Betsy: Conga, Conga....
aqu05 021.jpg
586 views1 comments12/04/07 at 14:05Betsy: What are those used for?
Andrea's Ghost Knife475 views1 comments11/30/07 at 11:19Betsy: Oh, my- what size tank is that? Ghost Knives grow...
Spiney Eels757 views1 comments11/30/07 at 11:18Betsy: What cuties! It looks like the snail is coming to...
Middle of tank770 viewsVarious plants surrounding an imitation wood piece, all plants collected from other Badman's members.3 comments11/16/07 at 15:09blesson87: arent you supposed to keep the shorter plants in f...
albino and green barbs 2.jpg
Mixed Barb School1076 viewsThis is a partial side view from the 50 gallon tank. The white expanse in the background is the opposing wall to the tank. There are currently no full views of this tank in my gallery due to my embarrasment at the current state of the plants- it is a work in progress.5 comments11/16/07 at 15:07blesson87: u ought to cover the back side od the tank up with...
clown loach739 viewspoor guy had an attack of white spots ... now recovering slowly and i dunno why but hes always so jumpy and scared !2 comments11/16/07 at 14:37blesson87: first of all he is currently in a 200 gal ... and ...
blood parrot1376 viewsa sucker for blood worms :)5 comments11/16/07 at 14:32blesson87: well i always do my research before buying fish ju...
Tiger Shovelnose586 views1 comments11/15/07 at 05:05Rob1619: One of my favorite catfish..nice pic
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