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Search results - "Cichlid"
Zebra Danio and Keyhole Cichlid783 viewsthis was a pure accident, cropped and enlarged from a larger shot of the Angels keeping everyone away from the bloodworms. Amazing what you can find when you just look!!
P. Caudi321 viewsDwarf Cichlids
Rainbow Jack399 viewsImagine this cichlid dealing with loaches, Killi's and Gourami's! He's never bored LOL
Blue Acii Cichlid281 views
Malawi African298 viewsWhat is this fish? Anybody have any idea?1 comments
Breeding Pair-01.jpg
Ma and Pa Cichlid249 viewsMy favorite breeding pair from yesteryear in a 50 gallon tank.
Powder Blue Cichlid259 viewsThis has become the dominant fish in my tank. It never hurts the other fish, but when the mood strikes it, this blue Mbuna herds all the others to one side of the tank. For some reason it almost never bothers the Marlier's Julie.
Albino Cichlid302 views
Marlier's Julie (2)260 viewsThis is a beautiful fish that has steadily become more aggressive as it acclimates to my tank. There is a hole in this fake rock that it likes to back into, making it look kind of like a Morey Eel. It gets vertical when it sees surface food and shoots straight up, then backs straight down with the food. Very interesting Cichlid.
fish 193.jpg
Red Devil 1.jpg163 viewsFemale Red Devil almost 7" since her mate died we have tried unsuccessfully to find her a companion or atleast something she won't kill. Please forward any suggestions/ideas.....
fish 133.jpg
Young Convict Cichlid171 viewsSeen it discribed as "the axe weilding maniac of the fish world" which is true especially at feeding time.
fish 278.jpg
Devil Tank200 views
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