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Search results - "Sailfin"
Desjardin Sailfin Tang450 views1 comments
marble baloon sailfin molly307 viewscurious ....
Sailin'! Takes me away to where I've always heard it would be....166 viewsMy two sailfin mollies with a pink glofish in the background.
65 gallon tank588 views65 gallon tank consists of 2 full grown pink kissing groumies, 4 babypacock cichlids, 8"black ghost knife, 11" dragon goby, small pictus catfish, and 8" sailfin pleco. all of these fish were rescues and got for free. also 3 black/blue mystery snails that keep reproducing like crazy!1 comments
Sailfin pleco1157 views
Sailfin pleco1148 views
Sailfin pleco and L1421780 views
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