The links on this page will lead you to pictures of many of the tropical fish varieties seen today. They will be listed by family, with both common and scientific names. All photos were either submitted to me, used with the owners permission or thought to be in the public domain. Please send in yours today. Enjoy!


Common Name
Scientific Name
plecostomus sp.
Corydoras adolfoi
Acanthicus adonis
Callichthys callichthys
Hypancistrus sp. (L 005)
Bunocephalus coracoideus
Scleromystax barbatus
Panaque suttonorum
Synodontis brichardi
Ancistrus temminckii
Corydoras aeneus
Hoplosternum littorales
Microglanis iheringi
Ictalurus punctatus
Clarias batrachus
Synodontis decora
Panaque maccus
Sciades seemanni (Arius seemani)
Corydoras armatus
Synodontis multipunctata
Corydoras habrosus
Pareutropius buffei
Synodontis decora
Corydoras hastatus
Corydoras elegans
Brochis splendens
Malapterurus electricus
Corydoras leucomelas
Synodontis euptera
Dianema urostriatum
Pimelodus blochii
Synodontis greshoffi
Pangasius sanitwongsei
Kryptopterus bicirrhis
Baryancistrus sp (L 081)
Megalechis thoracata
Pangasianodon hypophthalmus
Corydoras julii
Baryancistrus sp.
Pterygoplichthys pardalis
Hypancistrus sp
Pseudacanthicus sp. (L079)
Peckoltia sabaji
Dekeyseria brachyura
Ancistrus sp.
Baryancistrus beggini
Hypostomus cochliodon
Parotocinclus jumbo
Hemiancistrus Subviridis
Corydoras julii
Baryancistrus sp.
L001-Pterygoplichthys joselimaianus
Hara (Erethistes) jerdoni
Synodontis njassae
Macrotocinclus affinis (Otocinclus sp)
Otocinclus vestitus (Otocinclus sp)
Corydoras panda
Pangasius sanitwongsei
Corydoras paleatus
Pimelodus pictus
Corydoras axelrodi
Hypostomus plecostomus
Megalechis thoracata
Corydoras pulcher
Corydoras pygmaeus
Synodontis petricola
L260 Hypancistrus sp
Phractocephalus hemioliopterus
Pterygoplichthys scrophus
Sturisoma panamense
Panaque nigrolineatus
Corydoras rabauti
Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps
Corydoras habrosus
Corydoras schwartzi
Sorubim lima
Corydoras arcuatus
Corydoras blochi
Agamyxis pectinifrons
Corydoras Sterbai
Kryptopterus macrocephalus
Platydoras costatus
Corydoras surinamensis
Synodontis Frontosus
Corydoras hastatus
L091-Leporacanthicus triactis
Corydoras trilineatus
Pseudoplatystoma tigrinum
Clarias batrachus
Rineloricaria lanceolata
Farlowella acus
Rineloricaria fallax
Clarotes laticeps
Synodontis nigriventris, Synodontis contractus
Leporacanthicus galaxias
Otocinclus cocama

I would like to thank the members of Badmans Tropical fish and the Tropical Fish Gallery. Most of these great pictures were posted either on the message boards or in the photo gallery itself.


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