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Neolamprologus caudopunctatus


Species: Neolamprologus caudopunctatus
Common Name: Red Fin Caudopunk, Caudopunctatus
Size: Up to 3in (7.6cm).
Habitat: AFRICA: Endemic to Lake Tanganyika, found along the entire Zambian shoreline.
Min Tank Size: At least 30 gallons for a small colony.
Diet: Omnivorous: Easy going eaters, they accept all types of flake and frozen food, while in nature they eat small animals.
Behavior: They must be kept in a "Tanganyikan" set up, but other than that they are fairly easy to keep and breed.
Water: 742 - 77°F (22-25°C); pH range: 7.5 8.5; dH range: 15-186°GH , hard water.
Care: Like any Tanganyikan tank it needs crushed coral or similar substrate, lots of caves, and these fish will dig a lot and could hurt themselves or the aquarium.
Communities: Can be housed with other peaceful fish with similar water, diet, and size requirements.
Suitability: May not be best for first-timers, but not overly difficult.

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