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Jordanella floridae


Species: Jordanella floridae
Common Name: American Flag Fish
Size: Up to 2" (6 cm)
Min Tank Size: 24 inches.
Habitat: North America: Still and slow moving marshes, swamps, lakes, or ponds from the Gulf Coast (primarily Florida).
Diet: Omvivorous, Algae, needs vegetable matter in addition to flakes.
Behavior: Somewhat timid and shy, males can be territorial in small tank.
Water: Temperature 66-72°F (19-22°C), pH range: 6.7-8.2, hard and alkaline dH range 6-20.
Care: Easy to care for, once comfortable in their surroundings their colors really come out.
Communities: Good with other peaceful fish.
Suitability: Easy to keep and easy to breed.

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