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Volitan Lionfish


Species: Pterois Volitans
Common Name: Volitan Lionfish, Lion Fish, Dragon Fish, Turkey Fish, Scorpionfish, Red Firefish
Size: Up to 14" (35.6 cm)
Habitat: Indian and Pacific Oceans.
Min Tank Size: 75 gallons or more. Despite their sedentary nature, they will get quite big and a tank width of 18 is also required. They are coral dwellers, so rocks and hiding places should be provided.
Diet: Carnivorous predator: Live fish, fish meat, salt-water feeder shrimp, and most all type of worms.
Behavior: They prefer to be solitary and are territorial.
Water: Temperature of 75 to 79°F (23.9 26.1°C), Salinity sg 1.02 1.026, pH 8.1-8.4, dKH 8-12
Care: Medium. Good filtration and regular water changes. Spines of the fish contain poison, and though usually not deadly to humans, the stings are very painful and can cause vomiting. Some humans can also be allergic to the venom.
Communities: Care must be taken with tank mates. Anything half the size of the Lion Fish or smaller will become food. They will also compete heavily with other fish for food.
Suitability: Experience with salt-water systems required.

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