Chat Transcripts 2005

Date Subject Speaker
2-18-2005 Hybrid fish Megan
2-25-2005; Fish sensory systems, part one. Russ
3-04-05 Clown loaches Craig
3-18-05 Aquarium Photography Jessica
3-25-05 Conscientious Fish Keeping Jessica
5-06-2005 Fish sensory systems, part two. Russ
6-03-2005 Estimative Index Dosing Tom Barr
7-08-2005 Apple snails-Still waiting :) oh Jess Debbs
8-12-2005 Convicts - Not Just the Junk Cichlid Christine
9-16-2005 Cherry Shrimp Christine


Chat Transcripts 2004

Date Subject Speaker
1-16-2004 Hillstream loaches Martin Thoene
1-23-2004 Bumblebee goby Jessica, our own** Lady_jai**
1-30-2004 Aquarium societies Russ
2-06-2004 Sciaenochromis fryeri, the Electric Blue Hap. Samantha, our own**Princess Zelda**
2-13-2004 Botia Sidthimunki--The Dwarf Loach Craig the one and only**Botia Junkie**
2-20-2004 Live rock in reef tanks Heather
2-27-2004 Growing Aquatic Plants without CO2 Tom Barr
3-5-2004 Native Fish Cindy (Cindy_m)
3-12-2004 Conditions Affecting 'Non-Growth' Russ (Rsaqua)
3-19-2004 Botia Dario--The Queen Loach Mark (from Vancouver)
3-26-2004 Microgeaphagus Ramerizi: Not Really a Delicate Fish Sully (sully)
4-02-2004 Natural Filtration Chris J (Cdj)
4-09-2004 The African clawed frog (Xenopus Laevis) Geoff, better known as NoName.
4-16-2004 Angel Fish JP(Jp_smith)
4-23-2004 Guppies Jessica, our own** Lady_jai**
4-30-2004 Feeding Habits Russ
5-07-2004 Frontosa Princess Zelda (Periwinkle)
5-14-2004 Crayfish and Blue Lobsters Crash (Crash)
5-21-2004 Building a River Tank Botia Junkie (Craig_Morrison)
5-28-2004 Oscars JP (jp_smith)
6-4-2004 Monodactylus NetMax
6-11-2004 Loach Geography 101 Mark
6-18-2004 Bettas
Chris (Chris J)
6-25-2004 Eartheaters Garret
7-2-2004 Fancy Guppies Megan
7-9-2004 Anabantoids - an overview Mike Hellweg
7-16-2004 Importance of Regular Water Changes Botia Junkie (Craig_morrison)
7-23-2004 Introduced Fish Noname (noname)
7-30-2004 Filtration: Practice and Essence Russ (Rsaqua)
8-6-2004 Botia Kubotai Jessica (Lady_jai)
8-13-2004 Stress Factors Sully (sully)
8-20-2004 Past til Present: My Travels Through the World of Fish Keeping Botia Junkie (Craig_morrison)
8-27-2004 Tank Stocking Factors Jessica (Lady_jai), Russ
Past til Present: My Travels Through the World of Fish Keeping - PART 2-
Botia Junkie (Craig_morrison)
9-10-2004 Carbon Cycle Botia Junkie (Craig_morrison)
9-17-2004 Seachem and the Freshwater Planted Aquarium Greg Morin of Seachem
9-24-2004 Quarantine and Hospital Tanks Russ (Rsaqua)
10-1-2004 Cories JP(Smitty)
10-8-2004 Bristlenose Plecos Jessica / Lady Jai (Lady_jai)
Past til Present: My Travels Through the World of Fish Keeping - PART 3-
Botia Junkie (Craig_morrison)
10-22-2004 Figure 8 Puffers Christine (Obfishion)
10-29-2004 L-Numbers: Plecos and Beyond
Noname (noname)
11-12-2004 Establishing a Policy Russ (Rsaqua)


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