Aequidens rivulatus



    Often confused with The Blue Acara the Green terror is more aggressive and has a more pronounced “bump” on the forehead when mature. Typical of most large cichlids the terror are noted for their aggression and should only be kept with fish that can fend for themselves



Quick stats:

Listed tank sizes are the minimum
Size: 8 in (20 cm)
Tank: 48 inches
Strata: All
PH: 6.5 to 7.5
Hardness: Soft to hard
Temperature: 72°F to 82°F (20-24°C)


Order: Perciformes
Suborder: Percoidei
Family: Cichlidae
Genera: Aequidens
Species: rivulatus

Common name:


Green Terror 

    ,White Saum, Gold Saum


South America, Ecuador and Peru

General Body Form:When looking at the Green terror from the side or profile angle the fish is oval in shape. Looking at the fish from the front shows a very broad forehead area that tapers down to a compressed rear area. In mature males, the forehead can develop a noticeable hump. They can reach a length of about eight inches and have been known to breed at half that size.

Coloration:The Males are the lookers in this Species. The basic body color is a bright greenish white. The tail of the male terror is beautiful, reticulated and fringed in bright Red. The female is a rather drab Olive Green in color and lacks the metallic look of the male. On some the the chin area is blue green in color.


Maintenance:Typical to most Cichlids the Green terror is a Hardy and easy to care for fish if their needs are met. They are omnivorous and will accept all types of food and relish anything live. The tank should be large and have plenty of caves and nooks to hide in. driftwood, rockwork and Live plants although helpful may be uprooted. When young they may be kept in cichlid community but as they mature they live up to their name and will terrorize all but the largest fish. It is best to keep them in a species tank. Provide good filtration and do frequent water changes.


Biotope:Like the Blue Acara they are Found in still and sluggish waters of the local river basins.


    The best way for a planned spawn is to raise a group of unrelated juveniles to sexual maturity (about 3″) and allow them to pair off. The most robust pair should be chosen for breeding and other pairs should be removed. This fish breeds in the typical Aequidens fashion, They will find a site in open water and usually spawn on a flat stone. Other Cichlids tend to hide their nest in caves, but The Green terror does not. The water parameters are not critical. It is easily spawned in hard or soft water and high or low pH. They exhibit extremely good parental care and spawns of up to 400 are not uncommon. The female will take the dominant role in raising the fry. The fry can be raised on baby brine shrimp or fine flake food.


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